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An ‘Antsy’ Girl

I feel as if a small introduction is necessary. Well as the heading suggests I’m a rather ‘antsy’ girl. In all honesty, I don’t know where the word came from or if it even is a real word. I just know that one day it popped up and it really just explains my entire being perfectly.

ANTSY (Adj.) – a mixture of anxiousness, misgivings, confusion. – flexible given context

Now I chose flexible because, well it is. For me atleast. There are times when it means , ok I’m feeling a bit anxious but. Now, that ‘but’ is very important because after something such as a scary word like ‘anxious’ the but denotes something unexpectedly positive or well not on the so scary side.

I think I’m babbling now, as I so often do. So I’ll just get right into it. I’ve always wanted to write a blog because I’ve always felt like I have nothing and everything (it’s not as confusing as it sounds) to say. Sure, I have friends; wonderful friends at that as well as I am apart of most social media outlets. But (the constant but), as much as I have access to and mind you, am very present on these outlets I hardly ever use it to voice my opinions. In fact if anything I stay clear of doing so. There is always the fear that I’ll be ridiculed and my opinions taken apart bit by bit til nothing is left. It’s a very intense thing to image, well for me and might be far – fetched but that’s my belief.

I’m babbling again so I think I really need to actually get right into it. This is my blog, ‘The Friendly Reminder’ . As the name states , its just that. A friendly reminder to me of all my thoughts. I hope to use it as an organizer of sorts while still having the appeal of a blog site to anyone who stumbles on here. I also hope that whatever content posted is relatable and interesting.

Enjoy 🙂


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