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All You Need to Know

Well it really should be all you need to know and then some . I think just like the next person , at least I’d hope so , whenever I’m asked to talk about myself I try to move beyond the basics. You know; name, address, age, basic  application form stuff. Now upon trying to find something worthwhile a bitter reality strikes – I’m a dull person . And at the same time not really. I know I know , what is wrong with this girl ? Right ? Read along && you’ll see what I mean .

Ok so let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first .

  1. Ashleigh Ferguson

  2. 20

  1. St. Mary, Jamaica

  2. UWI 2018 (hopefully )

All the above is the easy part . Whatever comes after is really me doing a bit of soul searching. So I’m Ashleigh. I’ve never thought of myself as less than a multi-dimensional character as I’d like to think there are many layers to my personality. So I think I’ll describe them in categories.


What others might call ‘the scholar’ . I went with this first because for most persons that’s all I am. And in all honesty, for a while that’s all I thought there was. Don’t get me wrong, it is a huge part of who I am, just not the only part. I like school as much as the next person (i.e not really) but that doesn’t mean that it’s all I live for. Sure I take pride in my academics and I’m really good at it but I don’t spend my days and night wondering about equations and statistics.


Now let me tell you, I am a pretty funny person, in my head at least. Hilarious might be a stretch but yes even that. However, contrary to my beliefs my friends think my jokes are as stiff as ply-board. But I think that’s only when I’m trying to be funny. There are actually times when I’m unintentionally drop dead comical but that’s normally due to my facial expressions or something extremely naive and foolish that I might say (which unfortunately is quite often). In other cases, with my family for example and a few others I am a bit too blunt which they tend to appreciate… for the most part. Now, ‘just eh’ . I think this applies to all the other miscellaneous attributes, miscellaneous for lack of a better word. ‘Eh’ for my cynicism, sarcasm and skepticism which have all been pointed out from a younger age.


Well at this point I figure it’s less of a secret than before. Lately I’ve found my self to be feeling nervous and anxious . I’ve narrowed it down to being overwhelmed by all the new and incoming responsibilities of a being university student and pending adulthood. Moreover, thinking about all the things I should and those that I’m expected to achieve don’t really make it any easier. I’ve actually come to realize that it’s really a common thing for persons my age  perhaps even for you reading and something that’s really crippling if not dealt with. So with that said I am dealing with it.

A L L   R O U N D   N I C E   P E R S O N

This is really just the part of me that is like the next person. I have typically likes and hobbies that include reading, sleeping , dancing , being with my friends; you know the usual. I have desires just like you , things that I want to achieve and aspirations of how I’d like to develop as a person. Because apart of life is improving yourself and for me that involves being more outgoing, less-reserved and being confident in my endeavours. There are a few more but at this moment those hold paramount importance.


Having said all that I hope it gives you an understanding of the person behind the blog and really just serves as a friendly reminder that just as how there are different sides to a story, there are different sides to a person. And I implore you, as I will, to explore yours.


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