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Like most people, I tend to get consumed by my thoughts. Journalling (and blogging) have been helpful but from time to time I like to do "brain dumps." They're a bit more unstructured than my journal entires and definitely more unhinged than my blog posts. This practice has given me the flexibility to explore different parts of my psyche without obligation or judgement. I'll be sharing a few of them here and I hope it inspires you to go deeper in your own feelings and thoughts.  

To be or not to be (self aware that is)

Awareness has all but turned into a buzzword. But what exactly are we supposed to with it? I can't be the only one who struggles with remaining present while embodying self-awareness. It feels a little like catch 22 doesn't it?

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

The false self

Are you a nice person or are you a martyr? Are you so accustomed to catering to the needs of everyone around you that the lines have become blurred? Are you serving because it brings fulfillment or does it come from a place of obligation?

Permission to suck

When was the last time you failed? I mean fell on your ass and sucked? I want you to think about that moment and the fact that you're still here today—despite that "soul-crushing" experience, you're still here; living, breathing, thriving. Give yourself space and permission to suck. Be fine with failure or just not being the best on the very first try. Then, try anyway, and fail, and try again.  

Parallel Lines
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