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Ashleigh Ferguson against green backdrop

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hey, I'm Ashleigh Ferguson (please just call me Ash). I'm a Lifestyle Blogger living in Kingston, Jamaica. Muser's Manifesto is a mindfulness blog that was created as a passion project almost 10 years ago.


It wasn't always Muser's Manifesto though. That name is the result of a 2023 rebrand which is premised on a bit more consistency than when I started so many years ago. Initially, it was called 'A Friendly Reminder', because as a teenager, that was what I needed—a gentle nudge and guiding hand that reminded me that my teenage angst wasn't unusual. And in fact, a great deal of others were experiencing the very same thing.


Years have passed since and the existing blog posts you'll see are few and far apart. Some things are unrelatable now but I've chosen to have them remain as evidence of my growth. A time capsule if you will, and of course, a friendly reminder of where I started.


Muser's Manifesto will chronicle my different musings (and sometimes misgivings) of life. It's a coaster-ride journey of all my thoughts and feelings. The things I'll share are very much me-to-me but also me-to-you because I know these feelings, thoughts (and confusion) are not unique to just me. I'm excited to share my journey with all of you and I hope that you find something that resonates deeply. 

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